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buy exactly the right gifts! by learning what fuels enjoyment behind receiving gifts and using it to your advantage when you buy them for others ;)


keep the timeline altered by making an official wish list so your gifts aren't the "ugliest effing thing" you've ever received <3

scholarship and financial aid resources

it's giving... not being crippled by student loan debt after college


keep your money saved like jake gyllenhaal keeps taylor swift's scarf

u won't need to enter a squid game after these tips <3


introduction + overview of the site!

click here to watch on the myfi-space youtube channel <3

hey besties!

myfi-space is like a cute little virtual common room where we teens can learn and talk about financial literacy and well-being (since our schools arent helping us with this </3) in a funner, not boring, way!

feel free to have convos about these topics or other related things on your mind; if you don't want to post questions or comments (which is totally fine), this page will be updated with new content for you every week :)

email for any content requests !!

now i know we can't easily print more money, but how does the change in the supply of money affect our economy?

click here to find out about monetary policy and how the federal reserve controls the money in our economy!

have a 4.0 in fashion merchandising AND applying for financial aid ;) click on the delta nu to read more


i am a god... because myfi-space taught me how to fill out tax form 1040

companies when you don't know how to apply for an internship:

companies after you learn how to from myfi-space:

tap miss tia tamera to surprise her like dat !!

Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 10.49.47 AM.png

shein hauls are addictive no doubt, but what ethical effects are they having on our social media culture? read here: “No Ethical Consumption Under Capitalism” & its Effect of Overconsumption

how 2 be trendy without
spendy $$

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