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how to find an apply for internships (especially as a high schooler)

p.s. this still applies to other aged people as well!! hope y'all enjoy


my bff actually got her internship through the first method of connections! she studies musical theatre at our school and through talking to her musical theatre teacher, her teacher recommended her for a position she knew about from her colleagues. you can find connections in many ways, from asking family members about their company openings, to having them ask their coworkers and friends about their workplace availability, or going on Linkedin yourself to personally message alumni of your high school or college about their jobs.

as a high school student, your resume is most likely not super filled up. i myself do not have much work experience, but there are ways to create a substantive and full resume. i have pretty typical sections: experience, activities, education, and skills & interests. you can somewhat stretch most of your activities into fitting into most of these sections. 

finally, after you send your application, always check your emails or phone calls to see if you have been notified of any responses, but don’t incessantly check. many places will take at least a week to get back to you, and especially if you’re cold-calling, you may not receive a response at all. 

that's all for today, peace out hoppers !!

hey honey bunnies!! today i’m going to explain my process of applying for and getting employed in an internship as a high school student. this can also apply to college-aged students as well of course, but i’m describing my personal process that i used to obtain my current internship :)

for cold-calling, it’s exactly what it sounds like. find a list of companies or stores that would give you valuable information and experience in whatever field you’re trying to learn about, sit down for a couple of hours, and start calling or emailing them based on their public contact information! it sounds tenuous but you can really luck out with finding a high-level internship. all you have to do is quickly introduce yourself and ask if they have any positions open or any areas where you could help. 

in the experience section, you can include any jobs, college programs, personal projects, and any past internships. in activities, you can include community service, activism, community seminars, and extracurricular activities that you think relate to the internship you’re applying for. in the education section, include your school, major stats like scores or GPA, and any relevant courses to your internship focus. lastly, in skills & interests, list anything that would incline the reviewer of your application to see you as a fit for the position. 

it’s like when you post a bunch of tiktoks at once in hope that one goes viral: you may get 0 or like 30 views on most of them, but if you wait and keep monitoring them, maybe one will blow up and you can continue to promote it and it’ll get like 100k views. 

the first step to finding an internship for you can be accomplished through three main methods: connections, cold-calling, and finding applications online. personally, i found my internship on my school’s website for internship openings (because we have a program for senior internships) but a lot of my friends found their internships through all three of these methods. 

the obvious method to most people is to look up what internship positions are currently open. as a college student, these should be pretty easy for you to apply to, as most of them are open to accepting you guys. for high school students like me, we need to assert ourselves a little more, as many of these internships are not actively looking for high school students, and many require a certain education level or age. find openings that you think would be accepting and either apply with notification of your age and situation or personally contact the company about it!

in addition to a resume, especially as a high school student, you should include a cover letter. a cover letter is pretty basic and below will be an example template that i looked at when writing cover letters for multiple internships. essentially, you just talk about why you think you’re qualified, with both what you already have done and what you plan on doing if you were given this opportunity. 

if you are offered the position or called in for an interview, that’s great! don’t stress and put your best foot forward because you are amazing and smart and you can achieve whatever you put your mind to <3

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