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how to make a wish list:


(read from left to right on desktop!!)

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to remedy this problem, i came up with a simple solution. i made a wish list presentation that has countless items i would be grateful for AND actually use and enjoy. here, i will give you tips on how to make a presentation like this so it is easy for you and the buyer to maximize your gift-receiving utility, and at the end, i’ll attach a template you can use to make your own!

3. on each slide, add the store name, the price, and then a picture of the product along with its title. if you prefer, you can just put a link to the item, but i find that people prefer to see the products upfront without having to go to the website. this allows your buyer to choose a product you like that they would also be willing to buy for you. they win because they can easily navigate the things you like to pick a gift for you and you win because you’re getting something you explicitly want. 

sometimes, a birthday or holiday will go by and you’ll get gifts from friends or family members that you just don’t really like. as in, you get low to zero utility (the total satisfaction received from consuming a good or service) from this new gift. 

1. to start, you have to actually know some things you want. think of things over time that you’ve really wanted, from clothing items to activities to objects. even if you can’t think of anything at first, i like to make a photo album on my phone for wish list items, so when you’re scrolling on instagram or watching a tiktok and you see a product you really want to buy, you can screenshot it and save it to the album. then, you won’t be forced to add it to your wish list the moment you see it, which would be really annoying. 

4. lastly, at the beginning of the presentation, i like to include a key. this key has both sizes and colors- more on that. for sizes, you obviously include all of your sizes for clothing if clothing is on your list at all, so people can feel comfortable buying you clothes without worrying whether it will fit you or not. the color coding key is for the backgrounds of your wish list slides. for instance, on my wish list, i have purple and green backgrounds, where the purple background means i like the item and the purple means i love the item. with this, you can emphasize that you would prefer certain items over others so your gift buyers will know which items would be even more special to you. 

i used to experience this all the time when a family member would try to guess what i wanted for a present and would ultimately guess wrong because they didn’t understand trends or gifts that people in my generation wanted. i would receive a jacket that was giving middle-aged-woman fashion, but because i was grateful they bought it for me in the first place, i would thankfully accept it and it would go to sit in my closet collecting dust. 

2. in my presentations, i like to order the items based on price because it allows whoever is viewing your wish list to go to an area of the presentation that is in their price range, instead of having to search for a price that suits them. then, they can optimize their own marginal costs and benefits and optimize your utility.

these are my tips for making your own wish list! always keep it updated so you can bring it out for any occasion and help both your buyer and yourself :)


peace out honey bunnies!!


template for this wish list here

feel free to make a copy and customize it to your own taste

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