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transcript <3:

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hey, honey bunnies! I’m nevaeh, and I am the creator of myfi-space. myfi-space is like a cute little virtual common room where we teens can learn and talk about financial literacy and well-being (since our schools aren't helping us with this </3) in a funner, not boring, way! today I’m gonna give you guys a quick intro to the website and its goals, so let’s get right into it.

the econ 101 section is literally its title. I took microeconomics and a business management course last year and I’m currently taking macroeconomics and I’m an intern at an accounting firm, so I have a bunch of new econ knowledge that I want to teach you guys without making y’all confused with all the complicated stuff. I also will be trying to get some of my business friends to get some content up since they’re a lot smarter than me when it comes to actual business topics since they’ve been studying them for longer. 

contact info is basically so you can contact me or any other contributors to the site if you have any questions or requests for future content! feel free to message whenever, this is supposed to be a place to chill out and still learn stuff. 

this is what you see when you first get on the website, this will have all the latest updates for content. on the menu, you can currently see the different categories of content: college, econ 101, shopping, internships/jobs, contact info, chatroom, and honey bunnies.

shopping is probably my favorite section of the website because I just really love sharing my tips for shopping, gift-giving, and most importantly saving bank. unlike queen Winona, you do not have to wear a really cute fit to your shoplifting court date because you will be wearing your cute fits to literally anywhere else. it’s also currently the holiday season, so if you’re struggling with Christmas or Hanukkah or any other winter holiday you celebrate gifts, then myfi-space can help. 

the chatroom is there so anyone using the site can have convos about what’s on their mind! obviously, y’all can talk about finance stuff but you can also just meet people with no judgment. this is a place for everyone to connect and learn :) 

thank you so much for watching and I hope this video can get you started on using myfi-space :)

in the college section, there will be all things college-related; scholarship and financial aid resources, tips on college loans, how to pick the right college for you, etc. I know that for us seniors and also probably juniors that college is just bad vibes right now because we have no clue what’s going to happen once it’s actually here. the stuff in this section will hopefully be here to be like a “are you there god it’s me Margaret” kind of therapist for your college troubles. 

internships/jobs is most likely going to be a smaller section but is equally as important as the others. this section will share the fundamentals of getting an internship, applying for a job, and everything involved with actually having either of them. a lot of college students have jobs during their school year, so the clock is ticking !!

lastly, honey bunnies is where you can see your profile and search for other honey bunnies who have accounts on myfi-space! 

like and subscribe to see when new videos are uploaded to this channel, and comment down below or on the website, if you want to see something posted! this is nevaeh logging out

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