hey guys !! this page will have a bunch of links to different scholarship opportunities and search engines, as well as financial aid guides so you can don't have to drown in college loan debt four years from now 😩 

scholarships are in blue, financial aid resources are in yellow, and websites with both are in green

i know you smartie pantses can apply for and win some money so get to it :)


"StudentScholarshipSearch helps students find scholarships that are most relevant to their background, field of study, sport, skill, interest, achievement, or other attribute."


"Get in-depth information about the FAFSA® form and what to expect after you submit your application."


"There's money out there to help you pay for college. Follow these steps to find it"


"There's money out there to help you pay for college. Follow these steps to find it"



"a National Scholarship Database designed to simplify the scholarship search by helping students find millions of scholarships, grants, internships, and financial aid opportunities."


"Information on financial aid for college and tips on how to help ease the burden of college expenses."


"Frank helps you apply for aid, access exclusive course discounts & lower your overall tuition."


"Every College. Every Scholarship.
Research schools, get scholarships, and understand where you fit — at any stage of your college journey."


"We help students explore local schools, majors, how to pay for school & ensuring they succeed in college."


"You find money. Colleges find you."